Hybridty Q&A: Daniel Wheeler


A few questions for Daniel Wheeler, member of Hybridity…

Musica Reflecta: What kind of hybrid are you?

Daniel Wheeler: Double bass and Tenor

MR: Can you tell us about the moment that made you want to explore contemporary repertoire in your personal practice?

DW: I took an RCM history course to prepare for my undergrad at Western and we learned
about the Rite of spring by Stravinsky. The idea that a piece of music could cause that much
emotion and tension that it causes a riot in the theatre was very eye opening. I also got a
chance to play the work with the Scotia Festival orchestra a few year ago, which was a dream come true for me.

MR: Apart from the Hybridity members, who are some of your favourite artistic collaborators?

DW: Getting to work with John Hess and Paul Frehner in the contemporary ensemble at
western was a great experience. Also my voice teacher at GGS Monica Whicher and Double
Bass teacher at Western Jeff Stokes are true masters of finding the beauty in any piece of music no matter how far out there.

MR: Do you ever get musician-envy?

DW: Violinist Janine Jansen is a beast. And tenor Ian Bostridge has mastered the art song rep.

MR: If you are not practicing/performing, how do you like to spend your time?

DW: I’m obsessed with horror films. And I love riding my bike.

“Which Hybridity member is…

…most reliant on coffee?” Shaelynn

…most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?” If I can’t say myself I’d have to say Emily.

…is the most avid Netflix binge-viewer?” Emily

…has the most ridiculous schedule?” Michael

…would win the Hybridity eating contest?” Emily

…really nails it at karaoke?” Shaelynn

…would you ask to help you paint your room?” Emily

…is most likely to call you at 1am?” Emily

…is most at home in the city?” Shaelynn

Join us for Opus: Testing (De)Collage featuring the Hybridity Ensemble on Sunday, January 24 at 3pm at the Canadian Music Centre. The event is an open workshop-concert with new pieces by a variety of composers.


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