Hybridity Q&A – Shaelyn Archibald


A few questions for Shaelyn Archibald, member of Hybridity…

Musica Reflecta: What kind of hybrid are you?

Shaelyn Archibald: Flute & Soprano

MR: Can you tell us about the moment that you made you want to explore contemporary repertoire in your personal practice?

SA: To play flute is to play contemporary music; where flutists were short-changed for
repertoire in the Romantic period, we’ve had it made up in both the 20th and 21st century. For me, contemporary music has always been a part of my practice and is something I make a point of championing.

MR: Apart from the Hybridity members, who are some of your favourite artistic collaborators?

SA: Definitely cellist and composer Raphael Weinroth-Browne. We’ve gone to school together for four years and have had the chance to collaborate together many times. He’s the kind of performer who pulls you into his music. There’s really nothing he can’t or won’t play and I especially admire how he intertwines classic  and contemporary popular music.

MR: Do you ever get musician-envy?

SA: Cuz I’m really just all about dat bass #flute&sopranoEnvy.

MR: If you are not practicing/performing, how do you like to spend your time?

SA: Drinking Coffee and cuddling with my cat Bessie.

“Which Hybridity member is…

…most reliant on coffee?” Shaelyn

…most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?” Daniel

…is the most avid Netflix binge-viewer?” Daniel.

…has the most ridiculous schedule?” Michael.

…would win the Hybridity eating contest?” Shaelyn or Dan

…really nails it at karaoke?” Emily

…would you ask to help you paint your room?” Emily

…is most likely to call you at 1am?” Emily

…is most at home in the city?” Emily

Join us for Opus: Testing (De)Collage featuring the Hybridity Ensemble on Sunday, January 24 at 3pm at the Canadian Music Centre. The event is an open workshop-concert with new pieces by a variety of composers.



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