Hybridity Q&A – Emily Hill


A few questions for Emily Hill, member of Hybridity…

Musica Reflecta: What kind of hybrid are you?

Emily Hill: I’m a tri-brid: I play flute (including alto and piccolo), harp (Celtic and concert), and piano.

MR: Can you tell us about the moment that you made you want to explore contemporary repertoire in your personal practice?

EH: I’ve always felt trapped by classical conventions, so exploring contemporary music felt incredibly natural for me. I love extended techniques and stepping outside the box. One of my favourite pieces to perform is “The Great Train Race” by Ian Clarke. I’m also currently working on “Lachrymose” by Derek Charke.

MR: Apart from the Hybridity members, who are some of your favourite artistic collaborators?

EH: Lina Li, the collaborative pianist with whom I worked while doing my undergrad at Western University, is still one of my favourite collaborators. She’s absolutely brilliant and such a sensitive musician. I’m still new to Toronto, though, so I’m looking forward to new collaborations with many more creators!

MR: Do you ever get musician-envy?

EH: If there is anything that I envy, it’s the freedom in music that is outside the classical niche. I admire creators who are confident enough to mess with music that too many artists consider to be sacrosanct; The Bad Plus did a reworking of “The Rite of Spring” that’s absolutely incredible (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIVDzWteJS0). I have mad admiration for the versatility of multi-instrumentalist Raphael Weinroth-Browne and his many projects. I also really love the compositional styles of the bands Alter Bridge, Anberlin, and Mae.

MR: What did you dress up as for Halloween?

EH: I bought a white tailcoat from a thrift store and went American Horror Story with my makeup as a masquerade attendee.

MR: If you are not practicing/performing, how do you like to spend your time?

EH: Podcasts, television, exercise, museums, eating good food, drinking great wine, and staring at cute dogs on the street.


“Which Hybridity member is…


…most reliant on coffee?” Shae.

…most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?” Daniel. He’s so sweet now, but if push came to shove, he’d be the first one into the fray.

…is the most avid Netflix binge-viewer?” Definitely me. I have a TV problem.

…has the most ridiculous schedule?” Michael’s travel schedule is bonkers, but Shaelyn’s work schedule is pretty insane, too.

…would win the Hybridity eating contest?” Hands-down Michael. It’s really quite horrifying.

…really nails it at karaoke?” Definitely Shae and Daniel, but I do sing a mean I Kissed a Girl.

…would you ask to help you paint your room?” Shae for sure, it would be fun!

…is most likely to call you at 1am?” Michael, usually with a unique thing he just learned.

…is most at home in the city?” Me, for sure.

Join us for Opus: Testing (De)Collage featuring the Hybridity Ensemble on Sunday, November 29 at 3pm at the Canadian Music Centre. The event is an open workshop-concert with new pieces by a variety of composers.


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