Beethoven Throwback – celebrating a great dude

In December we threw a party at the Holy Oak Cafe in Bloor West Village to celebrate one of the greatest dudes to ever shake his proverbial  fist at us – none other than Herr Ludwig himself. The night featured a wonderful array of draft beers as well as the Horn Sonata Op. 17 played by our co-director and horn virtuoso Will Callaghan with the help of the wonderful Wesley Shen on piano, who yearly enjoys the distinct pleasure of sharing his birthday with Beethoven as well. We wrapped up the program with the Septet Op. 20 played by Jessica Tse clarinet, Will Callaghan horn, Kevin Harris bassoon, Aysel Taghi-Zada violin , Brenna McLane viola, Evan Lamberton cello and Wesley Brenneis double bass. The piece was rudely interrupted with Beethoven trivia between movements, and topped off with a birthday cake!

More birthday celebrations coming this year, stay tuned!









P1010256editPhoto credit: Mitchell Allen

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