Opus: Testing Featuring The Wind and the Water

September Assignment: Four-play

Performers: Wind and the Water (female vocal quartet)

Biography: Coming together in Toronto from different corners of Canada, their shared love of voice, harmony andimprovising brought the four ladies of The Wind and the Water together. Aimee Butcher, Belinda Corpuz, Danielle Knibbe and Laura Swankey all front their own various projects but also have deep roots in choral tradition. As they switch lead, each unique voice brings its own flavour while they deftly support each other vocally, with body percussion,
and the occasional instrument. These varied sensibilities create an eclectic sound that range from lush sound scape, to deep gospel groove. Each of these ladies are accomplished writers, and bring distinct voices into their arrangements for the group. You can check out their music here and here!

Assignment: Arrange or write a song that will mirror the soulful sounds of the Wind and the Water, keeping in mind the group’s artistic sensibility and style. Have fun with it!
Vocal range: F below middle C to G above the treble staff.

Short proposal deadline: Friday, August 22
Music submission deadline: Monday, September 8
Public Reading Party: Sunday, September 28 @ 3:00pm

The Canadian Music Centre, 20 St Joseph Street, PWYC.


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