New Season, New Beginnings!

After a much-needed summer hiatus, Musica Reflecta is getting back in the game with an inspired new season of collaborations and new friends. Musica Reflecta 2013/14 will feature the melding of blossoming minds such as an instrumental narrative piece with Loose Tea Music Theatre, a continuous ensemble performance with jazz soloists c/o Love Nation Records with Chris Willes and Thom Gill, a brand new kids’ contemporary concert series with co-host Gallery 345 and much more!

MR is also incredibly proud to announce co-producer and soprano Jelena Ciric‘s acceptance to Berklee Valencia’s Master of Music in Contemporary Performance program this fall! While we are sad to see one of our key co-producers and collaborators go, we are certain they couldn’t have picked a better candidate! Have an amazing sabbatical (and send us postcards and oranges)!

Exciting things are happening! Stay tuned, friends!

Anastasia, Jay and Will

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