A Look Inside a Musica Reflecta Concert

Take a look inside Musica Reflecta’s first concert, inside the beautiful and historic St. Barnabas Anglican Church in the core of the Danforth.



Our fearless director, her face set in a steely, aloof glare, conducts the ensemble with an air of grandeur and confidence. Or maybe that’s just the angle of the photograph, I can’t tell.


Receiving well deserved applause! There is something quite special about the grin one makes while receiving applause. And such great posture from the ensemble! Except for one person. You know who you are. (Just kidding.) (…Probably.)

So that’s what a Musica Reflecta concert looks like, you’re inwardly musing.

How can I experience such a thing?

Well, it’s quite easy. Just click on that tab up there that says Tickets to purchase a special discounted advance ticket.

Wow! How convenient/benevolent. And what day is the concert?

It’s coming up soon, this Sunday evening, with Mahler and Barber and Rolfe and Hostman, and a whole gaggle of new musicians. So buy a ticket before it’s too late. Monday, for example, is too late. Sunday evening is cutting it a bit close, but we can manage if you can. So come on out!

I wonder who will have the best posture this time…?


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